Best Sofa Beds Online to Give More Comfort to Pets

Best Sofa Beds Online to Give More Comfort to Pets

You are at the right place if you are looking for the right product for your dog. Our products are designed keeping the comfort and healthier sleep for your loved pet in mind. Our products are suitable for the home furnishings and provide a relaxing place for your dog. There is a wide range of sofas and beds available for your dog. Our high quality water proof dog products are the special attractions for our customers. We notify our customers through email based notifications. You can choose from the available products. You can also place the order for custom products but the delivery may take some time. You can visit our website and choose the right waterproof dog bed for your pet.

Berties Boutique is the best destination for pet lovers who want to make their pet’s life more comfortable and easy. We offer a long range of water proof dog jackets, good quality dog collars, dog beds and dog sofas, winter coats and pen strollers. We provide comfortable products to our customers on our online store. Our online store provides the secured checkout system for the customers. The water proof dog bed for your pet is the best quality and it is a very attractive product for pets. This product is very easy to clean because the product has washable inner and outer fillings. You can select water proof dog bed of desired color and size. Some of the important features of the product are listed below.

The product is 100% water proof.

The product thickness of 20cm is very comfortable.

The product has tough and durable denier fabric.

The material of the product is odor resistant.

The product is hair and dirt resistant.

The products material is UV resistant.

Flea and tick resistant.

Custom pet products are also available for dogs. The product surface is hard and wearing and durable. The product material is tough enough to withstand normal wear. The pet products are easily adjustable in crates, dog houses and kennels. We also provide water resistant corner sofa to utilize the corner space for your pet’s comfort. The large sized red colored bed is suitable for dogs of large size. The wine color looks very beautiful and attractive. It also enhances your living area.

You can also choose custom bed for total comfort of your pet. The surface of this product is hard wearing and durable. The tough material is designed to withstand normal wear. It is designed to fit in a crate, kennel or dog house. The corner sofa is designed to utilize the corner space of your room. The large sized red dog sofa is also a good product to choose for your dog.

The red/wine color is the special attraction of this sofa bed. This product is specially designed to suit your living area. The sofa dimensions are 86cm x 51cm x 37cm. 7 to 12 days are required to deliver the product to your place. The products are arranged very well and the arrangement has made the selection process easy.


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