What You Need To Know About Newborns

What You Need To Know About Newborns

Caring for a baby girl will be so much fun! You can buy them dresses, braid their hair, play house with them. But before this can happen, you must first understand the important milestones of a newborn baby.

            During the first month, there are important milestones that you should understand. You should learn the proper ways in helping your baby reach these important developmental markers. So here are the most important facts about newborn babies.

Reflex Movements.

            This is one of the Physical Milestones. You can lift your baby so that her feet should be resting on a flat surface. The baby should be able to do mimic walking movements. It is normal for a baby to have a startle reflex. This happens when you gently put her into a waiting hand. The baby will usually throw her arms outward. Sucking reflex can be tested by gently stroking her cheeks and lips. She would turn her head and open her mouth. These reflexes will disappear on its own after a few months.

Her Eyes Can Focus 8-12 Inches Away.

            During the first month, babies will usually focus more on the red objects. At this age, they can probably already identify colors but would not be able to tell the difference between a purple and a pink. When she starts to focus, gradually distance the toy. Do not be surprised. At this time, it is normal for their eyes to cross or wander.

They Can Hear You!

            Remember that crying is a normal response after she gets startled. Just hold her comfortably to let her know that she is safe. There will also be instances when they pretend that they heard nothing after a loud bang or when in a noisy, crowded room. This is why most mommies sing a lullaby to lull their babies to sleep.

Prefers Softer Clothes and Blankets

            When she is restless and uncomfortable, check her clothes or her blanket. Remember that babies prefer softer sensations. When they start to pull away from scratchy or rough materials, this means that they don’t like it. This is why it is important to wrap her in a soft blanket or clothe her with soft onesies. You can find plenty of this kind of Girls clothes online shops.

They Love Human Faces

            During feeding time, it is important that you keep your face within their visual range. You can sing, smile, or talk to your baby to get her attention. Babies would prefer this over other patterns. This is part of their cognitive development that is common during the first month. It is very important to interact with her most of the time.

If this is your first baby girl, or if you are expecting, it is important that you are familiar with these different milestones, especially in their first month. Remember that this is also a learning process for you. You can always check out forums and newborn articles online to know more about what to expect during the first month.


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