Israel Art Gallery in Jerusalem and NFT Art

Israel Art Gallery in Jerusalem and NFT Art

Description: An art gallery in Jerusalem can display anything and everything from the many different cultures of the Israeli Olim, who immigrated from other countries. With COVID changing the world, many people can benefit from an Israeli art gallery and purchase pieces from the comfort of their own homes.

An art gallery in Jerusalem can display anything and everything from the many different cultures of the Israeli Olim, who immigrated from other countries. When the government decides to bring immigrants to Israel from countries where they are or were persecuted in any way, the government allocates funds to help them be absorbed into Israeli society. Individually, the stipends are not “big money” but can help bolster and support certain crafts that the immigrants learned in their countries of origin.

For example, many immigrants from the former Soviet Union, are subsidized to create art pieces, often with Jewish themes. In sharp contrast, for many reasons that date back to the creation of the State of Israel, Olim from the United States get far less help to pursue their artistic endeavors, or any other endeavors if anything at all.

  • Jerusalem, Israel Art Galleries

Jerusalem has, not only art galleries and studios but an artist’s colony, called Hutzot Hayotzer.

  • This lane, located at the foot of the walls of the Old City, is just a short walk from the Mamilla Mall, synonymous with the Jaffa Gate.
  • The legendary and inimitable, historic mayor of Jerusalem, the late Teddy Kollek established it in 1967.
    • Kollek was a visionary who knew that art transcends all language and cultural barriers.
    • Kollek wanted an atmosphere of peace for the holiest city in the entire world.

  • Jerusalem, Israel Art Galleries

  • For Tourists as Well as Natives

For many years, both tourists and natives to Jerusalem, Israel, have visited the variety of artist studios, workshops, and galleries, filled with Judaica and other themes. August of every year welcomed the annual International Arts and Crafts Festival. Aside from the traditional two-dimensional or three-dimensional candlesticks, kiddush cups (chalices), Havdalah sets, and candles, there are also more contemporary themes. Patriotic themes show IDF soldiers, etc.

  • NFT Art

In the Talmudic tractate Kiddushin, 49a-b, it states that “ten measures descended to the world:”

  • Ten measures of beauty were given to the world; Jerusalem received nine while the rest of the world received one.
  • Jerusalem, in all its glory, was a spectacular sight in the time of the Holy Temple. Presently, its hidden glory permeates craftsmen and craftswomen, artists, and other creators.

  • The New Frontier of NFT Art – Also in Jerusalem Art Galleries

COVID Era 2 (CE2), the second year since the breakout of the global pandemic, is proof that the world will never be the same. One thing that emerged is a blockchain technology called NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The technology, supported by open-source Ethereum, for example, enables creators of physical works to mint tokens of any digital file, static or animated. Each NFT art piece, for example, will have a smart contract with complex coding that will prevent others from laying claim to the piece (token) and will also validate that the token is original and exclusive to its owner.

The NFT option can save travel and exposure to society at large by its availability on the Internet.

Israeli artists are wasting no time in buying cryptocurrencies and minting their tokens, which could contain visual art pieces, deeds, videos, audio recordings, etc. Menucha Page, an American-Israeli artist with an art gallery in Jerusalem, Israel, has recently stepped into NFT Art pool and will be a force to be reckoned with.


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