How to take care of your Lefkara silver and why is it unique?

How to take care of your Lefkara silver and why is it unique?

Lefkara is a small village in Cyprus. It is famous for its needle work and Lefkara Silver ware. The designs are so artistic and are made with such precise hands that you will be left spellbound by them. Various things where you can see this intricate work are silver teaspoons, jewellery, rose water dispensers and many other items.

The silver that is used to make these pieces is sterling silver as pure silver can easily get scratched thus it is combined with other materials to increase its durability. Sterling Silver is also known as 925-silver worldwide. It is majorly used in jewellery designing.

Why is Lefkara Silver unique?

Lefkara Silver is world known and unique due to the intricate and detailed craftsmanship you can see in the designs. Though there are various patterns and designs in Lefkara silver but the one which has garnered most attention is filigree. The designs depict a tale or story and is most of the time associated with Lefkara handmade laces.

How to Store and take care of your Lefkara Silver?

Any silver be it pure or sterling silver is prone to oxidation process, which can make your jewellery or item lose its shine and colour. To prevent this follow these few tips so that you can maintain the sheen and look of your piece.

  • Store the piece where there is less humidity, especially not in bathroom.
  • Use airtight bags i.e. Ziploc bags to store each item separately.
  • Keep a piece of chalk or silica in the box where you are storing your silver.
  • Clasps should be kept unhooked so that moisture is not build-up.

Cleaning and polishing occasionally the pieces is the best way to make sure that the look and shine is maintained. While polishing your piece keep these pointers in mind.

  • Scratching can easily happen on silver so use some soft non-abrasive cloth to clean.
  • While polishing switch to new section on the cloth frequently.
  • If your design has parts that are oxidised, then avoid polishing them.
  • See the grain of the silver and don’t just rub in circular motion.

If you take proper care of your piece then you can increase the life of your item and can enjoy it for years.  If you keep in mind simple things like how to store, wear and clean your Lefkara silver piece, can enhance its beauty and increase its life. These pieces are handmade and slowly the craftsmanship is being lost as now you can find machine manufactured pieces at large. Save the handmade piece as it will become part of your family heirloom if you take care of it.


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