The Bridal Beauty Countdown

The Bridal Beauty Countdown

Preparing for your wedding day is very important. Sure you got everything settled even months before the big day. Your entourage, the venue, and even your wedding dress! But how about your makeup? You might think that this is one of the least of the worries that you have. But according to FOCUS where Toronto wedding makeup artist comes from, this should be planned as thoroughly as the other details of the big day.

It should not be taken for granted. You should have makeup trials to make sure that you and the makeup artist agree on a specific makeup style that you would want to have and that would suit you. But aside from your makeup, you should prepare yourself even months before the wedding. So here are the things that you should be doing as part of your countdown.

Six to Twelve Months. You should already start looking for hair and makeup styles that you would want to follow. So by the that your makeup trial comes, you are prepared. It is important that you have good skin. Visit your dermatologist for any skin problems, and to get skin care tips as well.

Four to Six Months. This is the best time to check for any large pored, dark spots or any skin problems that you might have. Do facial care and treatments that can start brightening up your skin. You should also start priming your hair and do treatments for it to be healthy and ready for the upcoming event.

Three Months. At this point, you should make sure that you get regular manicure and pedicure appointments. It is important that you have your fingers cleaned once a week and your toes in every three weeks. Have a hair trail and choose at least two hair length and style. You should also have a professional groom your brows if you don’t know how to do it properly.

Two Months. It is time to do your makeup trial. By now, you should already have a decision about the look that you like best. This will give you and your stylist enough time to find the best style for you. Make sure that you take photographs to check for anything that you would want to improve your look.

One Month. This is the best time to schedule a visit to your dermatologist for exfoliation. If you want a tan, have a tanner test run or try out the spray tan that you want to use on the wedding day.

One Week. Now it is time to color your hair, have your beauty essentials ready and have your nails done.

Last Minute. You can get a body massage to calm your mind and body. Steer clear of alcoholic drinks, especially the night before the wedding. Allow yourself to relax and de-stress your mind.

Preparing for your wedding should also include you, the bride. You will be the center of attraction on this day. So it is very important that you look your best. Nothing beats a woman who has been ready for months. Avoid last minute changes to prevent stress.


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