Going Vegan Beyond the Kitchen: How to Stay Beautiful and Eco-friendly

Going Vegan Beyond the Kitchen: How to Stay Beautiful and Eco-friendly

Today self-care (moisturize, etc.) is a part of peoples daily rituals to make themselves feel good and confident. But, just like any essentials these products some shady practices. For example, many big companies use animals to test products leaving them with skin irritations or other afflictions. Plus, most products come in disposable plastic that is very bad for the environment. So why don’t you try a different kind of product, the type that is cruelty-free and eco-friendly?

Use Fewer Chemicals on Your Body

One key aspect of the industry is how most of it is chemicals. These synthetic materials have to be tested first on animals before they are even allowed for mass production. But, on the internet, you can find online personal beauty care store items that do away with that practice. After all, why create a synthetic product when the ingredients are readily available?

Many of our ancestors used ingredients available to them (i.e., natural occurring) to care for their bodies. To attest to this, plenty of products out today boast that they have “natural oil extracts”, but these extracts are mixed with chemicals that can be poisonous. If you want to expand your eco-friendly lifestyle, for the good of the world and your body, find alternative personal care stores.

All Natural Ingredients for All Natural Beauty 

Now, the word “natural” has been pretty trendy lately. Plenty of more prominent brands are not above slapping that on one of their campaigns to appease their audience. But, for any online personal beauty care store, they want to be more transparent. So here are some of the ingredients these natural beauty products contain:

Avocado Oil: Used in lotions, this is good for hydrating and softening one’s skin. It is also recommended for those struggling with ane and blackheads.

Papaya: An ingredient that that gently exfoliates and removes dead cells from the user’s skin.

Pomegranate: Used for lotions and moisturizers it helps even skin tone plus boosts collagen

Rosemary Leaf: Commonly used a preservative for other ingredients, it is also an antioxidant, and is found in specific detox masks.

Reducing Plastics and Upcycling

Something that most consumers take for granted when they buy products is the packaging. Almost everything comes in plastic, and almost all packaging gets thrown out. Unfortunately, not all packaging gets repurposed and end up in landfills, the oceans, or worse in the bodies of wild animals.

When you go look for an online personal beauty care store, it is essential to look at their packaging. A good marker for their eco-friendliness is glass cases. Although you can reuse plastic, some of them can be toxic after a few reuses. With glass, it’s different because it is a safer material. You can reuse them for perfumes sanitizers, or be creative and upcycle them. Using glass reduces the harder to dispose of plastic waste.

We only have one world and keeping it alive and well should be a priority. Being eco-friendly and anti-animal cruelty does not require much sacrifice. It just asks consumers to be intentional. So instead of just picking up a popular product from a store why not visit a boutique or an online store instead?


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