How Should You Find Sunglasses for Your Face Shape?

How Should You Find Sunglasses for Your Face Shape?

It is important to find sunglasses that will express your face shape while offering you the levels of protection that will stand the test of time. You can choose a wide array of frames from retro-minimalistic to statement-making, which will help you boost your overall appearance. We recommend you check Off-White Sunglasses, which are highly popular and come in different frame shapes. 

Some people choose to experiment with seasonal trends, which is okay, but it is vital to find the ones that will match your lifestyle and face shape. 

Therefore, we will present a guide that will help you determine the best frame style based on your facial features.

Things to Know About Choosing the Sunglasses for Face Shape

The main idea is to find the frame that will create an opposite symmetry from your face contours. Therefore, we will present to you the best options based on relevant shapes most people have.

  • Oval 

Oval faces are symmetrical compared with others, which means you will get a slightly longer in which the jawline will be the same as your chin. The best thing about this shape is that you can choose any option based on your preferences.

  • Wayfarers – You can complement your symmetry by getting classic or modern Wayfarer shapes.
  • Oversized – If you wish to make an impression anywhere you go, you can find large options.
  • Aviator – Since you have well-proportioned features, you can get aviators to achieve a streamlined design.
  • Heart

It means you have wide cheekbones, while your face will narrow through your jaw, which means you should find a frame that will balance your facial features.

The best ones for your features would be the ones that are wider than your forehead.

  • Wayfarers – Since you have a delicate jawline, you will create perfect symmetry by choosing this frame.
  • Round – You can also choose round options that will visually fill and accentuate your cheekbones as well as your lower half of the face.
  • Cat-Eye – You can achieve elongating effect by choosing cat-eye frames that will balance your brow lines.

  • Round 

It means you have wide cheekbones, soft angles, and a balanced jawline and forehead. Therefore, you should choose angular frames that will elongate your face and provide you with an oval structure.

  • Square – You can easily choose retro and oversized square frames to offer you both glamour and classic perspective.
  • Wayfarers – Since these frames can fit almost any shape due to angular lines, you can set the view away from round cheeks and achieve contrast.

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  • Square

Having an angular face means you feature a prominent jawline that is symmetrical with your cheekbones and forehead.

Therefore, you should choose curved options to create a proportion between width and length while offering you balance. 

  • Round – You can choose a wide array of neutral materials such as horn or tortoiseshell, which will boost your aesthetic appeal.
  • Aviator – Since they come with rounded corners, you can achieve a perfect balance with them.
  • Shield – They are both flashy and bold, which means you will round out your sharp lines. Most of them come with minimal framing, which is an essential consideration to understand.


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