Top 6 Interesting Facts About Fashion

Top 6 Interesting Facts About Fashion

Fashion is either something you grow to adore or hate. If you absolutely love it then you might have been keeping tabs of its progress and development over the century. Through the years, the world has seen a lot of fashion trends come and go. Some even managed to resurface and take the industry by storm. Learn more about the fashion industry as you read on.

  • Sustainable fashion is a thing

More and more people are obsessing over eco-friendly options in an effort to minimize carbon footprint and save the environment. You would probably think that only the food industry uses environmental-friendly products. In truth, even the world of fashion has come up with sustainable ways to manufacture different items.

Sustainable fashion, as described by experts, involves the use of clothing, footwear and other commodities made using environment-friendly methods. Some examples include bespoke products, animal cruelty free beauty products and upcycled dresses.

  • More and more women want to dress modestly

You mostly see Arabic and Christian fashionistas donning modest dresses. However, nowadays, more women are trying the trend. Surprisingly many claim that wearing conservative dresses feels liberating and empowering. They explain that despite the long sleeves and hemlines, they still feel quite stylish and attractive.

The trend continues to grow even more popular. In fact, a lot of established fashion couture houses have picked up this new style. You can expect to see more modest but stylish pieces in the next few years.  

  • Leather isn’t always made from animal hide

Today, thanks to the continuous innovations in the leather manufacturing industry, you can now purchase vegan leather. These are the perfect option to use especially if you aren’t keen on wearing animal hide. These are made of polyurethane, a compound that manufacturers can readily produce. Other vegan leather are made from earth-friendly materials such as apple peels, fruit wastes and pineapple leaves.

The materials are dyed using eco-friendly ingredients. That’s why you can feel totally guilt free while wearing or using your leather items. 

  • Granny knits are making a big comeback

Back in the earlier years, knitted or crocheted pieces weren’t considered fashionable. In fact, they are often associated with old people. However, today, knitted and crocheted pieces have gained a lot of traction especially among younger folks. 

Thanks to well-known fashion houses, more and more people are influenced to wear handcrafted apparel. You can wear them any time of the year thanks to their soft texture of cotton or bamboo yarn. 

  • Florals are now quite popular

You’ve probably seen a lot of celebrities wear floral tops, dresses and gowns. That’s because floral has officially become a trend. Floral patterns gained popularity back in the 12th century. These were introduced by Chinese who loved embroidered flowers on colorful fabric. Today floral prints are either transferred on fabrics via silkscreen or dye sublimation. Other brands also use old-school embroidery to create beautiful prints. 

  • Pleats are back in style

Nowadays, you can find all kinds of clothing with pleats. But do you know where it all started? Historical records reveal that pleats were first introduced by the Egyptians. They used to decorate their tunics to declare their power, influence and wealth. Creating this type of fabric requires a lengthy and tedious process so only the rich were able to afford them. Later on, pleated fabrics were introduced to the English royal family. 

Fast forward to the modern times, clothing brands and fashion houses started integrating pleats into their collections. You can mostly see the unique folds on skirts, maxi and midi dresses and even modest tops. 

Fashion trends tend to come and go. If you definitely love staying on track of trends then you should subscribe to blog newsletters or follow influencers and fashion trendsetters. Also, do take note of the key facts enumerated above. Which of the fun facts about fashion do you love the most? Which ones do you like the least?   


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