Using fur products the right way

Using fur products the right way

There’s nothing like the evergreen beauty and luxury that comes with fur. There is pure beauty in its texture and visual aesthetic. Animals have used their fur for centuries to survive in the cold, so it will serve as an elegant piece of clothing for humans during the winter period. Fur coats are equally fashionable and functional as they offer both durability and warmth while staying chic.

When a fur coat is cared for properly, it can last a very long time but fur coats require special care to keep them looking their best. These are simple steps you can take to make sure your coat survives the test of time and keeps you looking stylish always.

  • Buy quality fur coats

The first step is and always will be purchasing the right quality of fur clothes. Buying clothes lined with fur that are of low quality will always end badly. So you should purchase fur coats that are of high standards like those from Ordering from ARIA MODA ensures that your products are of the highest possible quality and will be good for a long time.

  • Storing it properly

You have to make sure you have ample space to hang your fur coat or jacket. It should always be hung on a broad, strong hanger so that the shoulders of the jacket don’t lose their shape. Make sure you never squeeze the garment into a tight closet so it doesn’t lose its shape. Also, be sure to keep your coat out of direct sunlight and other bright light because the fur could change color as a result of that. You could also protect your fur by putting it in a breathable garment bag (made of cotton or woven fabric) especially when traveling. In temperate conditions (i.e. summertime), it is advisable to store your fur garment with professional furriers to protect it from dirt and insect damage.

  • Do not soil your fur

You mustn’t spill any form of liquid on your fur garment as it is extremely difficult to remove stains from fur. Do not use hairspray, perfumes, or any type of sprays when you have a fur coat on. If your fur does get stained, you should take it to a professional furrier to remove the stain. Do not pin jewelry directly on the fur and prevent wearing items with straps on the coat as this could lead to the early wear and tear of the garment.

  • Dealing with moist fur

Fur coats usually survive a drizzle or a little snow relatively easy. You could just shake out the fur to remove as much water as possible. Do not use a hairdryer or clothes dryer to try and remove the moisture. Hang it in an airy room and smooth the fur gently with your hand after it has dried. If your fur coat is completely soaked though, you should take it to a professional furrier to deal with it.

Along with the steps above, it is ideal to take your fur garment to a professional fur-care specialist to cleaning and conditioning every year. This can prevent future damage to your garment and can help enhance its texture, durability, and beauty. Take proper care of your fur coats and be sure to check out for all your fur coat needs. ARIA MODA coats are of high quality and will make you look even more stylish and elegant. Order your coat today for a fabulous new addition to your wardrobe.


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