Fashion for the Modern Islamic Woman

Fashion for the Modern Islamic Woman

In the advancing age of the 21st century, it is important for Islamic women to maintain faith in their religion without breaching the rules written in the Quran. Stated in the Quran that women are always supposed to cover their bodies with clothing and not reveal their beauty and ornaments, Islamic women have taken this is in bold stride by wearing designer abayas and hijabs and expressing their fashion statement in a beautiful manner.

Islamic clothing for women consists of two components the Abaya and the Hijab, the abaya is the robe that covers the body and is usually a one-piece clothing item; the hijab which roughly translates to veil in English, is the headgear that covers the head and the face, although it is not particularly mandatory to cover the face. With an increasing exposure to the world of fashion, Islamic women have taken steps to ensure that they aren’t left behind. And with a rapid surge in online shopping, women now have access to more fashion choices and lifestyle options than ever before. Many countries like the United Arab Emirates emerging as hubs for Islamic designers and fashion houses, the importance of modern clothing nowadays is more significant than ever. Now women can express themselves more freely than before. Muslim women wear is now a widely available facet of online shopping as well as an increase in consumerism and an increased access to the internet. Many websites dedicated to modern Islamic clothing for women have emerged and the latest reports show that traffic is increasing significantly.

With an eye and talent for creativity, Islamic women aren’t afraid to express themselves in the world of modest fashion. A vast array of options and multiple designs to choose from, women can express themselves in a varied manner depending on their style choices. Multiple collections mean that their wardrobe choices are significantly more than before. Eye-popping designs and vibrant colors which wow the wearer and the viewer alike, many websites and fashion houses have collections which are trendsetters in the world of Islamic fashion.

With an advent in the concept of modest fashion, where women follow the trend of wearing less skin revealing clothing and focus on comfort and covering the body, the world of fashion is becoming more and more open towards the rise and upsurge of modern Islamic clothing. In terms of style and sense, women are constantly experimenting with new designs, patterns, and fabric. The clothing that once was only an obligation before has now become a source and a way for the modern women of Islam to express individualism and diversity with a touch of creativity. Women are nowadays making an informed choice and are expressing their religious beliefs in a fashionable and bold manner. Fashion for the modern Islamic women is now in a rapid growth and is climbing the ladder in the world of fashion, with a rise in digital and technological access it is easier for them to express themselves in a creative and diverse manner that still upholds all the religious beliefs in Islam.


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